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A Fossil Free California Really - 1600 Words

A Fossil Free California†¦ Maybe Dr. Dan Jacobson a Professor at Stanford University has presented what he calls a â€Å"roadmap† to getting California to be run completely on renewable sources of energy by 2050. No â€Å"clean coal†, no natural gas, no nuclear, no biofuels, and no new hydroelectric. The golden state would be powered by wind, water, solar, geothermal, among a few others. And although i would love nothing more than to see california running completely on renewables by 2050. I think a transition completely off of fossil fuels cannot happen soon enough. Fossil fuels are toxic, hazardous to transport, disastrous to dig out of the ground and contribute to an accelerated warming of the planet. Jacobson notes that his map will create over 200,000 net 40 year jobs, reduce mortalities associated with air quality, and significantly cut worldwide carbon dioxide emissions. I do not disagree with any of these facts, becoming completely fossil fuel independent will lead to better health for ourselves, the earth, and the economy. think Dr. Jacobson makes some vital errors in neglecting to mention the much needed energy paradigm shift and in not addressing the issues associated with production of the renewable energy components. California is projected to use 280 GigaWatts of power by 2050 and see a population increase of thirty-five percent. 280 GW’s is a lot of power, currently all of the wind turbines in the world combined are capable of producing just under 300 GW’sShow MoreRelatedNuclear Energy For A Green Earth1164 Words   |  5 PagesNuclear Energy for a Green Earth Today the U.S. is still enormously dependent on fossil fuels despite the numerous advancements in alternative power sources (Solar panels, wind turbines, etc.). Fossil fuel based energy (our main energy source) is not only expensive, but it also leaves a gigantic impact on the environment. If we continue to depend on this power source, our future generations will have to bear the consequences of our neglect of the earth. The topic of discussion is important toRead MoreThe Mistaken Truth: Global Warming Essay1726 Words   |  7 Pagesother global problems like poverty, hunger, crime, war, and natural disasters, all over the world, need a global revolution in our train of thought, a revolution free of war and fragmentation, free from inequality and racism. Unbelievably, money is the only barrier for creation of this kind of global unity. Therefore, the only way to free the humanity from the current sufferings is a major global shift from the monetary-based economy to a resource-base d economy. Compared to the size of the earth,Read MoreGlobal Environmental Activism And Environmental Sustainability Essay1504 Words   |  7 Pagesaction can take many different forms, for many people it is structured as environmental activism. To further study environmental activism once can use organizations such as, Fossil Free, and The People s Climate Movement to study how they are organized, their strategies, who is involved, and how successful they really are using Moyer s Eight Stages of Successful Social Movements. Beginning with, one can comprehend how this organization works with organization, strategies, and involvementRead MoreCauses And Consequences Of Global Warming1662 Words   |  7 Pagescaused by the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, decomposing organic matter, the use of fertilizer, and CFC’s. In this essay, I will first discuss the specific causes of Global warming, then I will address the effects, and finally detail how we as a society can help save our environment from further damage. The burning of fossil fuels and deforestation are major causes of Global warming due to the amount of carbon dioxide each activity releases into the air. Fossil fuels are natural fuels likeRead MoreWhat Is Sustainable Development?1293 Words   |  6 Pagesas a system that connects different populations and time. Solar and wind are two of the main renewable energy sources that are the best examples of sustainable development strategies. Both are infinitely available, naturally occurring and easy and free to harness. Sustainable development is not however limited to environmental concerns. It also takes into account the economic and social sustainability points of view as well. Tesla and sustainability Tesla motors are a unique auto manufacturerRead MoreRenewable Forms of Energy: Wind Energy Essay1320 Words   |  6 Pagespeople to harness energy from something natural to create electricity. Wind energy in addition to other sustainable forms of creating energy are going to start taking the place of fossil fuels as people realize the true benefits of using them. There are many benefits of using wind energy in comparison to using fossil fuels. The first is that once wind turbines are built, they don’t release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Wind energy also doesn’t pollute the air or water with other pollutantsRead MoreA Research Group On The World1355 Words   |  6 Pageswhat the fastest growing fossil fuel globally is? That would be coil. You know what remains the most widely consumed fossil worldwide? Oil. In the future when oil runs out, coil will take its place in dominant primary energy source. China account for 45.5% of global coal production followed by the US with 13.4% and India with 6%. . In case you have not notice, the fossil fuels on our are running out. There are many approaches that can be taken to help save these fossil fuels for future generationsRead MoreThe Power of Water Essay1599 Words   |  7 Pagescontinuing buzz on the issue of global warming and the general rise of cost of fossil fuels alternatives have been explored. One of these is hydrogen power in the form of the hydrogen fuel cell. This source of power is unique because the only direct byproduct of it is water. With hydrogen power there are several ideas that need to be understood to determine if hydrogen power can significantly reduce or replace fossil fuels in homes and cars. First, how hydrogen is able to produce power as well asRead MoreToxic Gas And Its Effects On Our Planet2385 Words   |  10 PagesOn our planet, there is a small community of people in a town called Lost Hills, California. An unhealthy misery has struck Lost Hills. Lost Hills has lived in terrible and harmful conditions ever since toxic gas has been spilling out into the atmosphere out of oil and gas wells. These toxic gases poison the people every day leaving them exposed to several health defects such as bronchitis, lung cancer, birth defects and other adverse defects that are drastically overwhelming. These people sufferRead MoreEssay On Body Image Issues In Sports1441 Words   |  6 Pagespost-baby pictures. Since a lot of people think that exercise is equal to perfection. They put aside the fact that this equa tion is just another version of gender roles towards women. Women are expected to have small waist, toned arms, large butts, wobble- free thighs and perky breasts. But the current Idea of how sports and fitness should be for women need to be changed. All bodies are different; all bodies have their own individual way of reacting to the work we make them do. Sports and Fitness #2 Athletes

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Essay on Popular Mechanics Analysis The Need for Good...

In many ways, communication is important in resolving problems, strengthening relationships, helping others, becoming proactive, and much much more. Raymond Carvers novel Popular Mechanics illustrates the intense need for good communication. The story starts out with the couple fighting and the wife kicking her husband out of the house. She is being rude and aggressive and is not using proper communication, trying to cover the fact that deep inside she truly doesnt want him to leave. Then, the husband gets upset for the way he is getting treated by the wife and starts to get aggressive yelling that he was going to take their new born baby with him. She, being frightened and scared of his impulsion, runs into the kitchen trying to find†¦show more content†¦I stand by my opinion for this simple reason. the way that the couple talk to each other, they are almost competing over who is more in control. I want the baby He said. Are you crazy?. This shows that on the surface, the husband is getting upset and needs to show his manliness by taking control of the situation and of the relationship. Thus concluding the poor relationship When the father is being treated disrespectfully by his wife, he feels emasculated and/or feeling treted unfairly from the wife not treating him with respect and giving the father the picture of the baby, so becoming angry he decided he wanted the baby instead of the picture. Though people may dis-agree with my reasoning, everyone can agree that with poor communication, bad or un-needed situation will become much more frequent. This is why I stand strong next to my position stating that thhe theme of the short story Popular Mechanics By Raymond Carver is that in certain situations, proper communication and resolution tactics are extremely important; and without them, unfortunate things will happen. Explain your reason (should relate to theme): Evidence from the text correctly cited Explanation of evidence Concluding Sentence He dreamt of an animal rebellion that would lead to every single animal on the farm being equal, like a communist government. The rebellion eventually didShow MoreRelatedGovernment Response Of Hurricane Katrina1194 Words   |  5 Pagesmillion people were able to leave due to both interstate lanes coming and going from the city being setup to get people out of the city. Brian Wolshon, an LSU civil engineer said, â€Å"The Corps estimated we would need 72 hours [to evacuate that many people], â€Å"Instead it took 38 hours.† (Popular Mechanics) Federalist System The Federal structure when it comes to emergency responding to disasters is set up differently for foreign disasters and domestic disasters. According to Why Federalism Didn’t Fail by MarthaRead MoreSeiko Case Study Summary1725 Words   |  7 Pagesquartz technology. As the first company to produce quartz watches, Seiko made a name for themselves in the US and Japan as a manufacturer of highly reliable and relatively cheap watches. At the same time, precise mechanical watches remained very popular in the high-end market, because of the effort needed to manufacture them. With the advent and rising popularity of mobile phones, people stopped perceiving wrist watches as a necessity in order to tell the time, as they can now turn to their mobileRead MoreJet Blue Case Study1197 Words   |  5 PagesIndividual Case Analysis JetBlue Headquarters, Forest Hills, New York. Summary Statement JetBlue Airways, an American low-cost airline, headquartered in Forest Hills, New York started flying out of John F. Kennedy Airport in February of 2000.JetBlue started by following Southwest’s approach of offering low-cost travel, setting themselves apart from their competitor’s through the amenities they offer like in-flight entertainment, flat-screen TV’s on each seat, live digital satellite radioRead MoreEssay on Treatment of Autism in Adolescents1281 Words   |  6 Pagesestablished. First are the Behavior and Communication Approaches, which include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), and different sorts of therapy. Other treatments include dietary approaches, medication, and Complimentary and Alternative treatments. Based on the developed treatments, the early intervention Behavior and Communication Approaches exhibit the most benefits to children diagnosed with autism. The Behavior and Communication approaches are based on structureRead MoreAutonomous Vehicles and Software Architectures Essay1312 Words   |  6 Pagesif there is a computational fault that causes a crash, would the driver or the software-making firm be at fault? Not only this, but vehicle safety standards would have to be assessed and potentially rewritten to account for electronics as well as mechanics — and knowing how governments work, this could take a while. 2.) No system is faultless, and everything has a chance of failure. But if a computer system fails when you’re on the highway, not only could it prove more dangerous than usual —Read MoreCritical Analysis Of Cranium And Substance Abuse-2673 Words   |  11 PagesCritical Analysis Cranium and Substance Abuse- This paper examined the age groups for learning and playing the board games as about 13 or more. This was an important finding as the age group in which children are keen to learn and can adapt to the teachings needs to match with the age of playing these board games. This comes out to 13 and above. Cranium has been identified for adults by the Hasbro website how recognizes it for kids 13 and above. Now, substance abuse as well all knowRead MoreJntuk 2-1 and 2-2 Mech Syllabus R105047 Words   |  21 Pages I SEMESTER Engineering Mechanics Fluid Mechanics Hydraulic Machinery Thermodynamics Managerial Economics Financial Analysis Electrical Electronics Engineering Computer aided Engineering Drawing lab Electrical Electronics Engg. Lab Fluid Mechanics Hydraulic Machinery Lab English Communication Practice P 4 4 4 4 4 6 3 3 2 II YEAR C II SEMESTER 4 1 Kinematics of Machinery 4 2 Thermal Engineering -I 4 4 4 4 2 2 28 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Production Technology Mechanics of Solids Metallurgy MaterialsRead MoreApplication For A Software Engineer For My Career1771 Words   |  8 Pagestime. Another is that it pays well. The job fits my interests in math and science very well. I would also be good at the problem solving that I will have to do. I also have a lot of background knowledge in programming anyway which would be a good start. When programming began the programmers didn t even interact with the computers directly. Instead the would take them by hand to a mechanic which would batch test many at a time. The first widely used language was fortran made by IBM for math andRead MoreChris Pawling2932 Words   |  12 PagesIntroduction: Popular Fition: Ideology or Utopia? Christopher Pawling Popular Fiction and Literary criticism * Despite the growth of interest in popular fiction, it has been difficult to introduce courses on them in college and university syllabi because it is still not considered as mainstream literature, just a minor or peripheral genre. * The self-definition of English literature depends heavily on what is absent from its field- its significant other- popular literature or paraliteratureRead MoreCommunication Studies Syllabus- Caribbean Students12029 Words   |  49 PagesLANGUAGE AND COMMUNITY 11 MODULE 3: SPEAKING AND WRITING 20 OUTLINE OF ASSESSMENT 25 REGULATIONS FOR PRIVATE CANDIDATES 36 REGULATIONS FOR RE-SIT CANDIDATES 36 ASSESSMENT GRID 37 GLOSSARY 38 GLOSSARY OF BEHAVIOURAL VERBS USED IN THE COMMUNICATION STUDIES EXAMINATIONS 42 Introduction T he Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) is designed to provide certification of the academic, vocational and technical achievement of students in the Caribbean who, having

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Sustainability and environmental accounting Example

Essays on Sustainability and environmental accounting Essay Outline potential sources of information that superannuation funds could use to gather data about a company’s sustainability operations. Potential sources of information about sustainability of companies’ operations Information used by superannuation or pension funds may be classified as published reports by companies, completed studies or advisories contracted from third-party information providers, or primary and secondary data gathered by the fund’s staff for in-house analysis where the information is assessed. 1. Company issuances Corporate social responsibility (CSR), good governance, and environment sustainability compliance reports published and released by the companies themselves. These are in the form of firm-issued, general purpose non-financial reports prepared for the benefit of shareholders, stakeholders, and the public in general, either as standalone or integrated reports to comply with mandatory regulations (Godfrey, et al. 2010). The quality of corporate reporting may be hampered by practices considered deficient to satisfy the information needs of different readers, including superannuation funds (Rankin, et al., 2012). 2. Studies and advisories provided by external information providers Superannuation/pension funds rely on external sources of information because: Judging sustainability issues deserve attention in each sector requires specialised knowledge and broader information which the fund’s staff members do not have and could not acquire (or could acquire only at great expense); and For most funds, sustainability is only a secondary criterion or supplementary topic, the main criterion being the ability of the firm to generate consistent returns (Kasemir SÃ ¼ess, 2002, p. 21). 2.1. External providers of sustainability investment services Superannuation or pension funds which include sustainability criteria in its choice of portfolio tend to rely on external providers of sustainability investment services. Such services are known as ‘sustainability contractors’ and offer portfolios or corporations rated to have a ‘good sustainability record’ (Kasemir SÃ ¼ess, 2002, p. 20). In this case, the investment process is delegated to the investment service provider, also relying on their expertise. 2.2. External agencies assessing environmental and social reports by corporations 2.2.1. Agencies provide support to funds through reports analysing all major corporations categorized by factors (Kasemir SÃ ¼ess, 2002, p. 20). The fund retains the prerogative of deciding which corporations to invest in depending on the factors it has chosen. 2.2.2. Commercial research companies provide information to funds concerning the sustainability performance of companies grouped according to industries and rate them according to a set of criteria, ranking or rating the companies against each other (Super Ratings, 2012). 2.3. Non-commercial providers of sustainability information 2.3.1. Such sources as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) provide information for decision-makers of funds on a for free. Such information may be somewhat general in character with qualitative analysis and quantitative data per company (Jackson, 2006). 2.3.2. Academic sustainability assessments are seldom used, and when they are they are used only as supplementary information, because they are usually indepth and require a great amount of time to read (Kasemir SÃ ¼ess, 2002, p. 21). 3. Information sources for internal/ in-house assessment Some funds prefer to conduct their activities in-house with primary research, because: Mixing analysis from several outside sources may have applied different paradigms or models and would therefore be incompatible or incomparable, creating confusion; Even though the firm may be buying third-party information, internal staff must have a feel of the data and processes which the information service provides. 3.1. Surveys conducted by distributing questionnaires to companies about their environmental policies. 3.2. Company visits and interviews with company officers or managers on the firm’s sustainability practices and policies (Kasemir SÃ ¼ess, 2002, p. 21). References Association for Sustainability in Business 2012 Official website. Retrieved 6 November 2012 from Godfrey, J; Hodgson, A; Tarca, A; Hamilton, J; Holmes, S 2010 Accounting Theory 7th Edition. John Wiley Sons, Hoboken, NJ Ioannou, I Serafeim, G 2012 ‘The Consequences of Mandatory Corporate Sustainability Reporting.’ Harvard Business School. October 26. Retrieved 6 November 2012 from Jackson, W 2006 Study probes "carbon footprint" of UK funds, Fund Strategy, p. 10, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 6 November 2012. Kasemir B SÃ ¼ess, A 2002 ‘Sustainability Information and Pension Fund Investment’ Global Environmental Assessment Project. Belfer Center for Science International Affairs, Harvard University. Rankin, M; Stanton, P; McGowan, S; Ferlauto, K; Tilling, M. 2012 Contemporary Issues in Accounting. John Wiley Sons Australia, Ltd. Super Ratings 2012 Official website. Retrieved 6 November 2012 from Trucost plc 2008 ‘Carbon Counts 2008: The Carbon Footprints of Australian Superannuation Investment Managers’. Retrieved 6 November 2012 from Trucost plc 2011 ‘Carbon Counts: The Carbon Footprints of Australian Superannuation Investment Managers’. Retrieved 6 November 2012 from

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Pro Euthanasia Essay Conclusion Example For Students

Pro Euthanasia Essay Conclusion An eighty-seven year old grandmother on a respirator, anewborn child with AIDS, and a father in a coma; all put to deathby respectable doctors with the O.K. of their families. But isit really 3O.K.? Euthanasia, or doctor-assisted suicide, hasbecome as common as jumping off of a fifteen story building ortaking a gun to one1s own head. Certainly society frowns uponsuicide, but yet putting an old lady or a man in a coma to deathis being accepted every day. Society knows that suicide is bad,but euthanasia is even worse. The guilt and blame of a lost lifeis falling on the hands of doctor1s that we are supposed totrust, and even worse, the family members themselves. A doctoris to be known as a healer, not an agent of death. A family issupposed to love and support, not kill and inherit. Every personmakes the light of the world brighter. The world needseveryone1s power and contribution. It1s the power and energy ofthe elderly, and the strength and will of the ill, that give theworld life. Th e light has become very dim with the crime andcorruption in today1s world, we can1t afford to throw lives awaybecause some think they1re meaningless. If we continue to acceptthe merciless killings and suicides of the helpless but powerful,the light will soon burn out. There will be no energy in theworld. Euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide should not beaccepted or allowed by the government and people of the UnitedStates. Statistics show that seventy-three percent of the U.S. population approved of some form of euthanasia. This is usedconstantly in debates to pass laws for making euthanasia legal. But the people are deceived by this number. When the poll wastaken, the people were asked if they approved of some form ofeuthanasia. There are two forms of euthanasia, active andpassive. It is the passive euthanasia that many people areaccepting, the less harsh of the two. Thats why peoplegenerally say they approve of it. If a separate question wasasked or the people were informed of the difference, we wouldfind that only thirty-eight percent of the population approves ofactive suicide, as used by Kavorkian. So the fact that peopleapprove of euthanasia is irrelevant because only thirty-eightpercent would actually pass a law if they knew that Kavorkian1smethods would be allowed. However, it is said that passive euthanasia, suicide by theremoval of life support, is a long-time practice for hospitalizedpatients. But does this make it O.K?I should think not. Manythings have been accepted and practiced in the world, and many ofthem have become illegal. Not too long ago a teenager coulddrink whenever he wanted. Now we have laws to regulate thedrinking age. This is the same type of thing, something terriblehas going on for too long now. We need to put a stop to thekillings with a law. Just because something has been allowed andoccurring for a long time doesn1t mean that it1s O.K. Also,there is the issue of living wills. A living will is a documentthat protects the right of choice in end of life matters forpatients. And not everyone has a living will when they becomeill even though they don1t want to live through the agony andpain. They just don1t think to make one or plan on being ill andincompetent. But with or without a living will, it1s just notright to end a l ife, even if it1s one1s own. Many think thatthey should be able to decide on their own, but what about theirfamilies. The family will spend the rest of their liveswondering in agony and pain about whether or not a cure wouldhave been found or if the patient would have made it outof the coma. It wouldn1t be right to spread the pain by addingto the fire.But some say, 3Why waste the money and extend thepain and agony by keeping someone on a machine? We need to lookat life in a more positive way. We need to weigh the mattersevenly. What1s more important, the life of a family member ortrying to save money and pain. Clearly it is the life, nothingis more important than that. Approximately one billion dollarsis spent on life support patients annually. But the cost ofkeeping people alive is irrelevant if there is a chance thatthey may be cured or come out of a coma. Agriculture EssaySecondly, just because something is considered to be sinful bythe Bible or in any other religion, doesn1t mean it should be acrime. We live in a democracy where the people, of allreligions, make the laws. They shouldnt be based on anyreligion or religious book. But we1re not talking about the sinof suicide, where talking about euthanasia. Euthanasia isassisted suicide, but isn1t that just a nice name for homicide. Suicide is killing oneself, but how can you assist yourself. Theassistant is another person who is guilty of conspiracy to commitmurder. Laws are already passed against murder. When someonetakes part in euthanasia they1re not going to be on trial forattempted suicide because they weren1t trying to kill themselves,they were taking the life of another. It1s murder and there1s noother way to look at it. Next is the belief that activeeuthanasia should be tolerated in order to save agony and painfor both the family and patient. No one should have to gothrough so much agony over a long period of time. Many think that it1s torture not to help dying patients. Kavorkian accused opposing physicians of being Nazi doctors whotorture and experiment with the poor and unfortunate. However,what is the agony andpain? It is the agony and pain of deathand it has to be faced either way, but it shouldnt be because ofa suicide. We should face the pain and agony with strength anddetermination. The patients need to be determined to hang onand fight for cures. It1s not torture to keep someone alive inhopes of a cure. And if a patient is that ill, then they aren1treally going through that much physical pain, it1s the mental andemotional states of patients that need to be secured. That1s thereason many turn to suicide, they are unhappy with their livesso they begin to decline mentally and emotionally. And as far asexperimenting goes, no experimental drug or procedure is forcedupon any patient, including the elderly and incompetent. Andwhat do they have to lose anyway? Most dont mind usingexperimental drugs because it just may be the cure they1relooking for. There is nothing Nazi about testing drugs andcures in hopes of saving a life. There is no torture or directresult of death. So, in actuality there is no physical agony orpain saved in euthanasia because thats not what the patients aregoing through. It just shortens the mental and physical painthat can be helped in other ways than death. Either way, suicideis no answer to pain.

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Pacific War Essays - Pacific Ocean Theatre Of World War II, Japan

Pacific War Pacific War World War II was fought across more land and involved more men than any other war in the history of human civilization. Never before or since has there been a war of such vast importance and of such a large scale. The United States had an absolutely crucial role in the outcome of this war. The U.S. was faced with the colossal challenge of waging two wars at the same time on two very different parts of the planet. The European front was, of course, the more obvious of the two considering the undeniable atrocities and evils that were being committed by Adolf Hitler. Involvement on the European front was inevitable and, generally more accessible for U.S. forces. Less than thirty years before, the United States had fought in Europe, so we were familiar with the terrain and appropriate strategy. However, the Pacific Campaign of World War II presented a unique challenge for United States Armed Forces. Never before had we fought in the South Pacific or even on terrain that resembled that of the Pacific islands. With the Army heavily involved in Europe, in December of 1941 the United States were forced into a war that it was not familiar with nor knew how to fight. Luckily, however, for the U.S., the Marine Corps were the perfect outfit for the kind of fighting need in the Pacific Campaign. Because of their training in land to sea combat, the Marines were uniquely prepared for the war that faced them, whereas, the Army could never have successfully waged war in the Pacific. Without the Marine Corps fighting in the Pacific, the whole war against Japan would not have succeeded. From 1939-1941, at the dawn of Adolf Hitler's war machine in Europe, the United States seemed above the rest of the world. Separated by the vast Atlantic Ocean, the U.S. enjoyed an incredible amount of security. We were almost entirely untouchable from the flames of war rapidly growing in Europe, and the majority of American citizens were happy to not be involved. To them, the European conflict was too far away to have any direct or meaningful impact on their lives. In fact, public opinion did not think that it was even necessary to enter the war at all. However, Roosevelt saw otherwise. He knew that a war in Europe could very well mean a war in the States. Only thirty years before, in World War I, the same kind situation had evolved into the "war to end all wars", where the United States had played a key role. So, Roosevelt desperately wanted and needed to change the minds of nearly the nearly the entire American public; this task presented an almost impossible challenge. With war beginning to be fought in Europe, England was in dire need of any aid they could receive. At the beginning, this aid came in the form of supplies furnished by the United States. Ammunition, food, clothing, and weapons of all kinds were being shipped over to Europe and creating incredible wealth for the American government. Entering the war meant losing a very profitable trade with the desperate allies in Europe. Luckily for England and for Roosevelt, the United States were soon presented with an undeniable reason for entering the war. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. This act of aggression towards America, provided for a perfect entrance into the war, and now the people of America were incited enough to back a full-scale war against Hitler and Japan. However, one huge problem still existed, and that was the problem of a two front war. Many were frightened that the U.S. had taken on a task that was a bit too much for the nation to handle. The Army was the perfect force for fighting the war in Europe. They were trained for the land combat they would face, and had knowledge of the land from World War I. In addition, the Army was already on the move to Europe, so splitting the Army into two different forces for Europe and the South Pacific was out of the question. The only option that the U.S. government had for waging war against Japan was the Marine Corps. Marine units had been stationed in the South Pacific in Australia and Samoa. They only needed to be reinforced. Especially convenient for the United States was the fact that the Marine Corps was perfectly suited for the kind of warfare that would be faced against Japan. Marines are trained specifically for land to sea and sea to land operations. In

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Understanding the Glow of Noctilucent Clouds

Understanding the Glow of Noctilucent Clouds Each summer, people who live at high latitudes north and south of the equator are treated to a fantastically beautiful phenomenon called noctilucent clouds. These arent clouds in the normal way we understand them. The clouds were more familiar with are generally made of water droplets that have formed around particles of dust. Noctilucent clouds are generally made of ice crystals that formed around tiny dust particles in fairly cold temperatures. Unlike most clouds that float fairly close to the ground, they exist at heights up to 85 kilometers above the surface of our planet, high in the atmosphere that sustains life on Earth. They may look like thin cirrus that we can see throughout the day or night but are generally only visible when the Sun is no more than 16 degrees below the horizon. Clouds of the Night The term noctilucent means night-shining and it describes these clouds perfectly. They cant be seen during the day due to the brightness of the Sun. However, once the Sun sets, it illuminates these high-flying clouds from below. This explains why they can be seen in deep twilight. They typically have a bluish-white color and look very wispy. The History of Noctilucent Cloud Research Noctilucent clouds were first reported in 1885 and are sometimes linked with the eruption of the famous volcano, Krakatoa in 1883. However, its not clear that the eruption caused them - theres no scientific evidence to prove it one way or another. Their appearance may simply be coincidental. The idea that volcanic eruptions cause these clouds was heavily researched and eventually disproved in the 1920s. Since then, atmospheric scientists have studied noctilucent clouds using balloons, sounding rockets, and satellites. They seem to occur pretty frequently and are quite beautiful to observe. How Do Noctilucent Clouds Form? The ice particles that make up these shimmering clouds are quite small, only about 100 nm across. That many times smaller than the width of a human hair. They form when tiny particles of dust- possibly from bits of micro-meteors in the upper atmosphere- are coated with water vapor and frozen high in the atmosphere, in a region called the mesosphere. During local summer, that region of the atmosphere can be quite cold, and the crystals form at about -100 ° C. Noctilucent cloud formation seems to vary as the solar cycle does. In particular, as the Sun emits more ultraviolet radiation, it interacts with water molecules in the upper atmosphere and breaks them apart. That leaves less water to form the clouds during times of increased activity. Solar physicists and atmospheric scientists are tracking solar activity and noctilucent cloud formation to better understand the connection between the two phenomena. In particular, they are interested in learning why changes in these peculiar clouds dont show up until about a year after UV levels change. Interestingly, when NASAs space shuttles were flying, their exhaust plumes (which were nearly all water vapor) froze high in the atmosphere and created very short-lived mini noctilucent clouds. The same thing has happened with other launch vehicles since the shuttle era. However, launches are few and far between. The phenomenon of noctilucent clouds predates launches and aircraft. However, the short-lived noctilucent clouds from launch activities provide more data points about the atmospheric conditions that help them form. Noctilucent Clouds and Climate Change There may be a connection between the frequent formation of noctilucent clouds and climate change. NASA and other space agencies have been studying Earth for many decades and observing  the effects of global warming. However, the evidence is still being gathered, and the link between the clouds and warming remains a relatively controversial suggestion. Scientists are following up on all the evidence to see if there is a definite link. One possible theory is that methane (a greenhouse gas implicated in climate change) migrates to the area of the atmosphere where these clouds form. Greenhouse gases are thought to force temperature changes in the mesosphere, causing it to cool down. That cooling would contribute to the formation of ice crystals that make up the noctilucent clouds. An increase in water vapor (also due to human activities that produce greenhouse gases) would be part of the noctilucent cloud connection to climate change. Much work needs to be done to prove these connecti ons. Regardless of how these clouds form, they remain a favorite of sky watchers, particularly sunset-gazers and amateur observers. Just as some people chase eclipses or remain out late at night to see meteor showers, there are many who live in the high northern and southern latitudes and actively seek out the sight of noctilucent clouds. Theres no doubt of their magnificent beauty, but they are also an indicator of activities in our planets atmosphere.

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Creative narration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Creative narration - Essay Example As good practice, all people that were coming had to queue in order to create and maintain order since the doctor did not have many aides; in fact, most of the people have health challenges that would not have required the doctor to have a nurse or anther aide. When I arrived at the hospital, I found people calmly settled and having their health needs being attended to. Mr. Williamson winked when he saw me because we were great friends; I also worked in the same hospital but in a different department. Then as the process was smoothly taking place, something happened that disrupted the doctor. A small boy came running and shouting for the doctor’s attention, other people had tried to urge her to calm down first before raising her sentiments. However, the boy seemed to be in a much hurry and went on to shout for the attention of Mr. Williamson. Mr. Williamson was always known to be an arrogant doctor especially to people that he thought were below her in terms of experience or on other careers. This ego made him shout back at the boy, urging him to make the queue and wait for is turn like any other people. My efforts to have the doctor give the boy a minute because he may have wanted to communicate an emergency issue of concern. Persistent efforts of the people on the queue to make the boy explain his concerns bore not fruit because the boy insisted that he wanted to speak to Michael’s Father, who was Mr. Williamson. Soon, the people on the queue were attended to; it was now the boy’s turn to have his issue addressed. I moved closer to listen to the boy’s concern because by this time, he was almost sobbing, with tears rolling down her chicks. The boy explained that the crocodile in the river that flowed behind the hospital had attacked Michael when they were playing and he had run to call for assistance from his father. The doctor was dumb-founded, lacking words to