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Pollution and Plunging Male Fertility :: Pollution Environment Environmental

Pollution and Plunging Male Fertility Several reliable studies have confirmed that fertility among men has decreased as a result of pollution. The average male ejaculation is about three milliliters. This amount of semen can contain between 20 million to 300 million sperm per milliliter semen. To determine the approximate number of sperm per milliliter of semen, technicians must place a drop of semen on a slide and, while looking through a microscope, they count the sperm within a certain sector. Men that have sperm counts below 20 million per milliliter are said to have reduced fertility and those whose counts fall below 5 million are considered sterile. In 1974, C. M. Kinloch-Nelson and Raymond G. Bunge at the University of Iowa, studied the semen quality of men who had fathered two or more children and were about to undergo vasectomies. Of the 386 fertile men studied, 7% of them had sperm concentrations above 100 million per millimeter and the average concentration was 48 million. When they compared their findings to similar studies done in the thirties, they found that sperm counts had been decreasing for 50 years. "They discovered that among healthy adult males who were not being treated for infertility, the average sperm count had declined by about 40 percent, from 120 million sperm cells per milliliter of semen to about 70 million" (Big Drop 36). In 1979, a professor at Florida State University, upon analyzing student semen samples discovered surprisingly low sperm counts and alarmingly high levels of toxic chemicals (including DDT and PLB's). "He suggested that environmental pollution might be causing the sperm decline" (Big Drop 36). The results of his findings triggered studies all over the world, showing counts in the range from 55 to 75 million and others showing numbers well above 100 million. Men exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals on the job were found to have semen containing pollutants. "Most scientists held to the view that changes in counting techniques were responsible for the reported dip" and . . . "after a few headlines, the sperm crisis became yesterday's news" (Big Drop 36). In 1996, Niels E. Skakkebk, a Danish pediatric endocrinologist, began studying male infertility and growth disorders among children . He had been noticing numerous boys with testicles that had not descended and malformed genitals. A study done in 1984 examining 2,000 Danish school boys showed that 7% of them had one or both testicles still inside their bodies.

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Participatory Research Design Essay

The changing nature of the global business culture has necessitated various aspects of organizational behavior. This is the spirit of the overwhelming variables that define how employees interact and integrate with the corporate processes with the basic goal of meeting the corporate objectives and missions. Understanding the requirements of the organizational behavior is an important aspect which helps to align its procedures and processes in line with the behavioral conception within the corporation (Dan, 1998) The research team  The parameters that provide the best knowledge would involve carrying out a research study across various organizations aimed at learning the statutory components of the concepts of organizational behavior. This would involve a controlled dissemination of research team across the sample of selected corporations. The layout of the research process would involve the evaluation of the aspects that articulate within the fundamental concept of organizational behavior as an important factor in the success of the corporation. Investigating the issue and its assumptions. The concept of organizational behavior is chiefly incorporated at a diverse autonomy within different cases of organizations. This research study will therefore aim at studying the scope of influence of organizational behavior to the functionality of different organizations that differs in terms of capacity, functions, and managerial processes. The underlying assumptions will also be developed in terms of the result provision of the research process about what impacts are endowed by the concept of organization behavior (Dan, 1998) Developing an action pal and data collection strategies In order to collect the most reliable data, the researcher would pursue various methods of data collection strategies and methods that would help to yield the most reliable research results and outcomes. This would include the use of methods such as observation, questionnaire and survey. A stream of related data responses shall be collected through these methods which would then be used in arriving at rational conclusions and recommendations about the impact of organizational behavior to the contemporary functionality of the organization (Dan, 1998) Data analysis The research process would not be fully met until the collected data in passed through various methods of data analysis that would help to yield the most reliable results and findings. This could be through methods such as correlation, T-test, F-test, barographs, pie-charts and other significant methods of data analysis.

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Britvic Case Study Essay

The marketing concept urges organizations to focus on the needs and wants of their customer. By following this concept the organization’s success can be achieved solely through customer satisfaction. In the case study we see that by identify the needs of the customer; a key characteristic in the marketing concept, Ralph Chapman acknowledged that the Great Depression in the UK meant that many of the poorest customers needed an affordable source of vitamin C. He found a way to bottle fruit juices so they stayed fresher for longer without the addition of preservatives, his juices were sold in small glass bottles that ensured easy transportation. This contributed to keeping the products cost effective. Customer satisfaction is another significant part of the marketing concept. Britvic has a constant flow of new product development; they plan on launching a new Tango variant called Tango Clear with no added sugar. They plan on marketing this to the older generation. They have understood a knish in the older market to meet customer satisfaction by supplying a healthier alternative to their original product, which was more brand appealing to children and teenagers. We can identify that by using the marketing concept Britvic’s core goals are meeting the consumers needs and wants to achieve full customer satisfaction and to sustain their title as the second most successful soft drinks supplier in the UK. Customers are central, we can see this in the case study when we look at the considerable amount of products they supply too approximately 20,0000 outlets across the country including all leading supermarkets, local shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels and cinemas. They are the leading drinks supplier to the licensed premises and have more soft drinks brands in their portfolio than any other UK manufacturer. This makes them so accessible to the consumer, and offers a large variety of different products to suit numerous markets

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Domestication and Spread of the Sweet Potato

Domestication and Spread of the Sweet Potato The sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is a root crop, probably first domesticated somewhere between the Orinoco river in Venezuela north to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The oldest sweet potato discovered to date was in the Tres Ventanas cave in the Chilca Canyon region of Peru, ca. 8000 BCE, but it is believed to have been a wild form. Recent genetic research suggests that Ipomoea trifida, native to Colombia, Venezuela, and Costa Rica, is the closest living relative of I. batantas, and maybe its progenitor. The oldest remains of domesticated sweet potato in the Americas were found in Peru, about 2500 BCE. In Polynesia, decidedly Precolumbian sweet potato remains have been found in the Cook Islands by CE 1000-1100, Hawaii by CE 1290-1430, and Easter Island by CE 1525. Sweet potato pollen, phytoliths, and starch residues have been identified in agricultural plots alongside maize in South Auckland. Sweet Potato Transmissions Transmission of the sweet potato around the planet was primarily the work of the Spanish and Portuguese, who got it from the South Americans and spread it to Europe. That doesnt work for Polynesia, though; its too early by 500 years. Scholars generally assume that either seed of the potato were brought to Polynesia by birds such as the Golden Plover that regularly cross the Pacific; or by accidental raft drift by lost sailors from the South American coast. A recent computer simulation study indicates that raft drift is, in fact, a possibility. Source This article on the domestication of sweet potatoes is part of the Guide to Plant Domestications, and part of the Dictionary of Archaeology. Bovell-Benjamin, Adelia. 2007. Sweet potato: A review of its past, present and future role in human nutrition. Advances in Food and Nutrition Research 52:1-59. Horrocks, Mark and Ian Lawlor 2006 Plant microfossil analysis of soils from Polynesian Journal of Archaeological Science 33(2):200-217.stonefields in South Auckland, New Zealand. Horrocks, Mark and Robert B. Rechtman 2009 Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) and banana (Musa sp.) microfossils in deposits from the Kona Field System, Island of Hawaii. Journal of Archaeological Science 36(5):1115-1126. Horrocks, Mark, Ian W. G. Smith, Scott L. Nichol, and Rod Wallace 2008 Sediment, soil and plant . Journal of Archaeological Science 35(9):2446-2464.microfossil analysis of Maori gardens at Anaura Bay, eastern North Island, New Zealand: comparison with descriptions made in 1769 by Captain Cooks expedition Montenegro, lvaro, Chris Avis, and Andrew Weaver. Modeling the prehistoric arrival of the sweet potato in Polynesia. 2008. Journal of Archaeological Science 35(2):355-367. OBrien, Patricia J. 1972. The Sweet Potato: Its Origin and Dispersal. American Anthropologist 74(3):342-365. Piperno, Dolores R. and Irene Holst. 1998. The Presence of Starch Grains on Prehistoric Stone Tools from the Humid Neotropics: Indications of Early Tuber Use and Agriculture in Panama. Journal of Archaeological Science 35:765-776. Srisuwan, Saranya, Darasinh Sihachakr, and Sonja Siljak-Yakovlev. 2006. The origin and evolution of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.) and its wild relatives throughout the cytogenetic approaches. Plant Science 171:424–433. Ugent, Donald and Linda W. Peterson. 1988. Archaeological remains of potato and sweet potato in Peru. Circular of the International Potato Center 16(3):1-10.

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Where to Start When It Comes to Writing Your First Essay Paper

Where to Start When It Comes to Writing Your First Essay Paper Essay writing, it ain’t no fun. Of course, if you’re writing about something you have a massive passion for then you could enjoy the process of getting lost in the content, but the actual structure and, of course, the deadline, could cause you some problems. Everyone struggles when it comes to writing an essay from time to time, but there are a few tricks to follow, some guidelines if you will, which will help you put together the bones of your outline, which you can then meat out with the content you know inside out – or the content you hopefully know inside out! So, how do you start writing that paper? It’s all about being organized. And a couple of other tricks. So heres what you need to do: Know Your Brief If you go off on a tangent, without truly understanding what the brief is, then you’re onto a losing streak from the very start. It doesn’t matter how good your essay content is, if you don’t answer the question or meet the aims of the essay brief, then you’re going to fail. Understand what you are being asked to do. Make Sure You Understand the Topic You need to read about the topic until you understand it completely. For instance, if you’re being asked to write an English Literature paper about a book, make sure you have read it, because how can you write about a subject you have flaky knowledge of? Research the Hell Out of It Knowing your topic is one thing, but you’re never going to know everything. Research the topic and different viewpoints attached to it. Essays need light and shade, and you need to give different arguments depending on what type of essay it is. Make an Outline for Your Essay Plan your essay, think of it as the skeleton, if that makes sense. You need the outline to give subheadings, so you know what you’re going to write about, and where. This makes the whole writing process easier because it breaks it down into bite-sized chunks, and also makes it easier to read, without being one long ramble that nobody really has time for, not least the person marking your final paper. Write in Sections Once you’ve sorted out your outline, do a section at a time. For instance, write the introduction, spell check it, re-read it, and edit it, before moving onto the next section. This makes the whole writing process much less of a long and drawn out process, because you’re completing a section as you go, and it’s almost like putting a tick in a box – instant feel good. Make a Timetable If you feel like you simply don’t have enough hours in the day, it’s a good idea to organise your time. Draw up a timetable, e.g. on Monday you will write section 1,2,3, and on Tuesday you will write sections 4 and 5, and so on. This means that you have an idea of when your essay will be finished, and you can factor in time in case of unforeseen circumstances. Having a loose timetable is one of the best ways to cut down on stress, as the process won’t seem overwhelming. And if You Need Help †¦ Sometimes things happen in life and it basically throws our plans right up in the air. If this happens to you and you’re halfway through writing an essay, with a looming deadline, it’s a recipe for stress and worry. Equally, if you’re facing a deadline and you don’t have a clue how you’re going to complete the task, there is help at hand. Here at Essay Writing Place, we offer professional and expert essay writing services, be it a persuasive essay, a creative writing essay or some other brief which fits the bill. Our team of native writers are highly trained and knowledgeable, and are on hand to take the task off your hands. Cut out the stress and don’t let it take over your life if this sounds like a situation you’re in, simply hand it over to us! Writing an essay and making it top class in quality isn’t the easiest kind of a task, but with plenty of research and preparation, you can certainly create a paper to wow your lecturer.

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Business Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business Paper - Essay Example Through this memorandum, I have given you the details of the law and have broken them down to a level that makes it more straightforward and understandable. You should make a decision about which way you would like to fix this issue as soon as possible. This will ensure that justice is pursued and attained accordingly. Reviewing and evaluating the legal aspects of decisions made at different situations is of paramount importance especially in this environment that is characterized by trickery and lies. Thus although your intentions towards charitable donations are geared towards enhancing the good of the society, relative relationships and agreements that you enter into need to be defined by legal provisions. From a legal point of view, it cannot be disputed that you were misled by Integral Health Facility into paying them that particular amount of money. This action raises various legal concerns regarding parole evidence, specific performance, recession and so forth. Undoubtedly, th e health facility breached the contract and the legal implications of this are diverse. Although factual information regarding these has been analyzed in the preceding segment, the final decision with respect to the legal measures to take is still yours. The problem To understand the legal implications that are related to your case, it is important to acknowledge the legal dimensions of this case. These provide useful insights regarding the bone of contention and enable you to make informed decisions. Respective understanding will for instance help you to understand the far you can go with regards to taking practical steps to address this legal concern. From the information provided, it cannot be disputed that you actually wanted to build a cancer health facility in remembrance of your mother. After being informed by Integral Health Center that they had plans to build a similar facility, you requested them to allow you finance the project and have it named after your mother upon com pletion. According to you, Integral Health Center wholeheartedly agreed to this proposition and you made the payments accordingly. You signed a contract which did not indicate that the facility would be named after your mother. However, you talked with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) about the naming ceremony that was set to take place once the institution was completed. Probably, you presumed that these provisions would be effected regardless of not having been documented in the contract. However, the institution did not begin the construction and after your first inquiry, it promised to start constructing after three months. This was not effected and at this point, you met the Chief Executive Officer. It is at this point that the CEO informed you that the institution’s decision to build the facility was not firm and that it was not going to pursue it. The CEO however promised that the financial resources were going to be used on another equally important project. The bone of contention in this respect is the institution’s failure to build the facility, even after receiving money from you. Your claim is that the institution builds the facility and names it after your mother as agreed upon. From this case, there are various legal concerns that arise. The Notion of Fraud in the Case To understand the element of fraud in this case, it would be important for you to be conversant with the legal constituents of this malpractice. To begin with, there needs to be a false statement in the entire scenario1. This is

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Job Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Job Analysis - Research Paper Example This job related behaviors are therefore considered as important in order to define who to hire and recruit. (Fine & Steven F, 1999) One of the key purposes of preparing job analysis is to define the job specifications as well as job descriptions which invariably allow an organization to identify the right kind of attributes required to perform the job. As such the future hiring and selection of the employees takes place based upon this. It is also critical to note that the job analysis is also used for later improvements in the overall job process besides defining the promotion and compensation criteria based upon the overall contents of the jobs. Job analysis is also used for the purpose of defining the training requirements of the employees and what kind of training and development programs need to be implemented in order to allow employees to move from one position to another. It is critical to note that organizations use job analysis as one of the legal defense tools in the courts. Job analysis can have serious legal implications if there are any elements of bias in the overall process of preparing job analysis for the employees. Since job analysis is also used in the supervisory evaluations as well as the rating of the employees, it is therefore important that all the criteria are effectively measured and carefully defined in order to reduce the chance of bias. Uniform Guidelines on employee selection specifically ask for the thorough job analysis as one of the selection criteria for hiring the employees. Further, validity studies are also required to be based upon careful review of the information about the job and the reviews should give due consideration to the job analysis. Americans with Disability Act specifically give more importance to the job analysis and strictly prohibits discrimination against persons with